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At this time I have other iseng-iseng activity for spending my 'stuck&flat' spare time. Yup, I'm working out an online shop like others do. I named it "NineSouq" and you know what? I found that name at ... err.. (yeah) as ussual.. at my closet :) 
*anyway, thanks for my brillian idea that mostly came from my toilet :D *LOL

Yeah, NineSouq consists of 'nine' and 'souq'
Nine is number 9, the holy month when i was born. Beside, i like the number because its lucky. You know lah, keistimewaan angka 9 ini. When multiplied by another number selalu kan berujung pada angka 9 juga :) Dan lagi, the word of 'Nine' could be compared with "n i n i" my cute name, xixixii... *halah

As for the word "Souq" (Arabicسوق, also soq, souk, esouk, suk, sooq, souq, or suq; technical transliteration sūq) is a commercial quarter in a Arab, Berber, and increasingly European city. The term is often used to designate the market in any Arabized or Moslem city, but in modern times it appears in Western cities too.

Finally, NineSouq is an online souq for dinamics and energetic ladies, especially for who-so-called hijabers. Yup, this is the right place where they could shop for chic outwears. So, kindly please check out the collection at www.ninesouq.blogspot.com and you will be more stylish look.

*maaf, ujung-ujungnya promosi lapak sendiri :D


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