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As I told beforeI'd steal a vacation as a giveaway for my self. So, here I am, on my way to a small little town, far away from frenetic and busy city like Denpasar or crowded tourism spot like Kuta and Nusadua. Yess, that's right. I'll take my vacation in Singaraja, located in North Bali as the capital of Buleleng where its town dominated by a greeny spectacular mountain view and strecthes of gray-black volcanic sands. Perfect combinatioan, hahh.. Yep, afterall, Buleleng is the largest district in Bali and it's my first time visite it. Yeayy.. excited truly !!

I just planned the itinerary. First day, I'll spend it at home – just like lying on my bed along day and waiting for my sibling back from their work. I problably will go around the town by bike at the evening and waiting for the twilight boundaries at Panimbangan beach. Sounds so interesting, rite? Wish I wouldn't lost and misguided to go there, lil bad habit in my mostly trips  -__-   

On the day after, I plan on visiting Menjangan island, a beautiful small island in the north of Bali. Well, maybe some of you never heard about this unfamous island (also I). First, I choose this place gamblingly (-__- *err...) but having searched and asked uncle google, hey.. let's see. As a part of Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan island is well-known for its magnificent underwater world, beautiful coral reefs found nearby, and the best site for fishing. Another attraction of the island is protection for the deers. Menjangan, an inhibited island about 10 km offshore, offers deep coral reef walls, and is one of Bali's best diving and snorkling sites. And now, you already knew the reason why I obsessed to visite Menjangan. Yup, cause I do loowe snorkling :) and I'm so excited that my sibling okeying the itinerary. Geeeez... *jumpings on the car

Last day, that's Sunday. Time to end the journey. Say good bye to Singaraja, take a trip to Ngurah Rai airport, and back to J-Town. But, hey... wait... there's still a time to stole (*evil grin) and suddenly Lovina occupies my brain straightly. Visiting North Bali won't be valid if we dont come to Lovina. Woop.. I've to got there for completing the journey. Yya, cemonn.. no wasting time anymore and I'll use it better: dolphin sightseeing in the Lovina dolphin point area is the right option for spending the morning. FYI, only inthe morning (at around 7-9 am is the dolphin feeding time) they will gather and lope above the sea. So, no reason anymore why I dont take the time. Rite?

Well, that's my itinerary. Just wait the journey story and see you in Singaraja. Bubyee... ^^

June 14th, 2012

a backpacker whose being on her way (in a white travel-car)

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