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Beberapa kali terlibat acara yang diadakan di tempat ini, tapi tak sekalipun punya fotonya. Akhirnya, kemarin saya berhasil meminta paksa salah seorang teman kantor buat ngambil gambar saya. Boleh ya, melampiaskan hasrat narsis barang sebentar. Dan, ya ampuuun... begitu liat hasil jepretannya, ternyata oh my semua-muanya saya tampak lebar sekali. Pfftt, rupanya lemak-lemak ini masih saja betah bersarang yaa -__-). Pasti ini efek habis sarapan pagi nih: dua tangkup roti gandum isi keju, omelet, plus segelas susu. Hm, pasti deh gegara ini *pembelaan diri

Location :
Citra Cikopo Hotel, Jawa Barat

The 34th Annual Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali Ke-34)

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Pesta Kesenian Bali ke-34 (the 34th Annual Bali Art Festival) kembali digelar. Diresmikan langsung oleh RI 1 pada minggu malam lalu (10/6), dengan menghadirkan berbagai macam kesenian khas dari berbagai daerah di Bali. Tahun ini, Paras Paros (Dinamika dalam Kebersamaan) adalah tema yang diangkat oleh Pemprov Bali dalam rangkaian acara tersebut. Beruntung sekali setelah sekian kali mengunjungi Bali, akhirnya tahun ini saya berkesempatan menikmati salah satu pertunjukannya yang berlokasi di panggung kesenian terbuka Ardha Candra, di Art Centre Provinsi Bali ini. Dalam pertunjukan tersebut, semuanya diperagakan oleh anak-anak baik tarian maupun permainan daerah. Salut!! *two thumbs up

Penabuh gamelannya anak-anak semua. Keyeeenn :)

Kondisi panggung dan lightingnya bikin silauuuw..

mendadak roaming, nggak ngerti mereka ngomong apaan. Katanya sih lucuu -__-

Penontonnya banjiiiir, jangan sampai tertukar. Hhehe :)

Panyembrama, The Balinese Way to Welcome

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the painting of Panyembrama

Balinese people are well-known for their hospitality,
and welcoming dances are the norm.

Created by I Wayan Berata about thirty seven years ago, the name of the dance comes from the Balinese word for welcome, "panyembrama". Performed by two or more female dancers wearing tapih (layers of cloth), kamben (sarong), and a belt made of a long cloth that covers the body from waist to chest.

These are colorful traditional balinese fabrics adorned with golden motifs called prada. The dancers's hair is decorated with frangipani and golden flowers, making the looks like angels that have floated down from the sky.

The dancer's movement follow the vibrant gamelan. Enter the stage slowly with smile brightening on their vividly made-up faces. Their wide eyes are accentuated with a touch of vivid black eyeliner, then their slow steps emphasize their curvaceous bodies. According to the creator, all the choreography in the panyembrama dance is a combination of more basic Balinese dances such as legong keraton and condong. Althoungh this particular dance does not tell a story, the classic moves and the smiles on the dancers faces lend it a charming nuance.

Roses, frangipanis, and other flowers play an important role in this dance. Each dancer carries a bokor, an engraved bowl made from silver or alumunium which is filled with flowers. There are two unique routines in this dance. In the first, the dancers kneel and bring their hands together as if they are praying. The routine is actually intended to wish for a blessing from God so that the dancers will perform it perfectly and the audience will be charmed.

The second routine is when all the dancers go around in a circle and scatter flowers over the guests as an expression of welcome. This routine is also a sign that the performance is finished. This is how the Balinese welcome their guest. :)


I, my self, had a chance to enjoy this dance twice. So superb that I love how they are glancing eyes, pounding feet, and.. surely their soft-fingers dance and slender bodies movement. I never bored to enjoy it.


Reference      :  Dance of Bali Book, 2012, by Kartika D Suardana
Photo credit   :  sejarahtaribali.blogspot.com

Lovina: Chasing the Dolphins

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dolphin monumen
"Gud mowniiiiing, Singaraja..."

Wohho, last day I stay here. Time to wake (so) early and go straight to the impressive Lovina beach, 12 km stretch of coast to the North West of Singaraja that comprosed of several narrow stretches of black volcanic sand. We are going to this lovely beach for dolphins searching ¾and chasing¾ with a boat trip out in a traditional jukung boat (kind of a wooden boat) during the sunrise time. And yess, in every morning they gather: the sight of the sunrise blended with the dolphins leaping out of the sea. How awesome!!

So, let me tell you the story. Accompanied by my cousin, Fifi, sekitar pukul 7 lewat 20 menit (wita) kami berdua sudah berada di atas jukung, siap mengejar lumba-lumba. Ya, menurut sepupu saya yang kebetulan tinggal di Singaraja ini, untuk bisa melihat lumba-lumba dengan jelas itu kita harus benar-benar mengejarnya (dengan sampan tentu saja), kecuali kalau kita pas lagi beruntung, salah satu atau dua dolphin bisa mendadak loncat di samping sampan. Horee. Dalam hati saya berdoa, semoga pagi ini kami termasuk dalam golongan yang beruntung itu. Amiin :)  

"Hi, dolphins... I'm comiiiing. Please, don't hide!!

Kami bertiga (Fifi, Bli si kapten sampan, dan saya) melaju dalam satu jukung mengarah ke tengah lautan. Oya, dalam sampan kami sebenarnya bisa dinaiki 5 hingga 6 orang. Tapi, berhubung kami lagi maruk dan kenyataannya sudah booked pada malam sebelumnya, jadilah sampan itu kami naiki sendiri. Puas-puas deh bisa jumpalitan di sampan, hhihi. Untuk sampan ini kami sewa cuma 80rb buat berdua. Harga sewa yang sangat worth it kalau melihat dari harga sewa sampan yang rata-rata berkisar antara 60rb hingga 80rb per orang. Waoww.. mata saya yang sudah besar makin melebar. Bukan karena menawar, rupanya sepupu saya sudah sengaja kenal baik dengan pemilik sampan yang saat itu kami naiki. Dan, asyiknya lagi ngga ada batasan waktu, mau sejam, dua jam, atau lebih ngga ada masalah. Cihuy banget yaa.. ^^

Surprised Postcard

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Postcard: a truly nice surprised ^-^

First day going to work (on my office) after my 12-days-trip in Bali and wooopp... I was so excited and soooo surprised that I found 2 (two) pieces postcard from card to post this morning. It's really a big woww !! Yep, it's my 1st postcard I got, such a 'deja vu' think.

When in high school, I love collecting stamp and postcard. Ya, that's why I like correspondence. I could get some letters or postcards more than 7 pieces in a week. And you know what, one of my best pals is my beloved mommy. She's my longest pal in correspondence, even 'till I moved to Jogja for continuing my study. Cool, yeay.. et today I get 2 (two) pieces postcards in the same time. Surprised !! 

Card that's on the the left was from Hiralalitya, a lomographer who love a new thing, different, unique, and challenging. And, on the right was from Putri Fitria, an Acehnese girl who has a passionate for anthropology and journalism.

Both of cards are travel series. Really love it two and I wish could make a trip with them. 
Wait my reply card, gals  :)

Hello Singaraja

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Bali map
As I told beforeI'd steal a vacation as a giveaway for my self. So, here I am, on my way to a small little town, far away from frenetic and busy city like Denpasar or crowded tourism spot like Kuta and Nusadua. Yess, that's right. I'll take my vacation in Singaraja, located in North Bali as the capital of Buleleng where its town dominated by a greeny spectacular mountain view and strecthes of gray-black volcanic sands. Perfect combinatioan, hahh.. Yep, afterall, Buleleng is the largest district in Bali and it's my first time visite it. Yeayy.. excited truly !!

I just planned the itinerary. First day, I'll spend it at home – just like lying on my bed along day and waiting for my sibling back from their work. I problably will go around the town by bike at the evening and waiting for the twilight boundaries at Panimbangan beach. Sounds so interesting, rite? Wish I wouldn't lost and misguided to go there, lil bad habit in my mostly trips  -__-   

On the day after, I plan on visiting Menjangan island, a beautiful small island in the north of Bali. Well, maybe some of you never heard about this unfamous island (also I). First, I choose this place gamblingly (-__- *err...) but having searched and asked uncle google, hey.. let's see. As a part of Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan island is well-known for its magnificent underwater world, beautiful coral reefs found nearby, and the best site for fishing. Another attraction of the island is protection for the deers. Menjangan, an inhibited island about 10 km offshore, offers deep coral reef walls, and is one of Bali's best diving and snorkling sites. And now, you already knew the reason why I obsessed to visite Menjangan. Yup, cause I do loowe snorkling :) and I'm so excited that my sibling okeying the itinerary. Geeeez... *jumpings on the car

Last day, that's Sunday. Time to end the journey. Say good bye to Singaraja, take a trip to Ngurah Rai airport, and back to J-Town. But, hey... wait... there's still a time to stole (*evil grin) and suddenly Lovina occupies my brain straightly. Visiting North Bali won't be valid if we dont come to Lovina. Woop.. I've to got there for completing the journey. Yya, cemonn.. no wasting time anymore and I'll use it better: dolphin sightseeing in the Lovina dolphin point area is the right option for spending the morning. FYI, only inthe morning (at around 7-9 am is the dolphin feeding time) they will gather and lope above the sea. So, no reason anymore why I dont take the time. Rite?

Well, that's my itinerary. Just wait the journey story and see you in Singaraja. Bubyee... ^^

June 14th, 2012

a backpacker whose being on her way (in a white travel-car)

Packing time

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Dua belas hari ke depan, tepatnya 612 Juni 2012 saya akan mengunjungi Bali (yeayy..). Sembilan hari pertama dihabiskan di Nusadua for doing official work: international conference on protection of witness and victims of transnational organized crime, sementara sisa harinya akan saya pake buat mengunjungi sodara yang belum pernah sekalipun dikunjungi (sodara macam apa saya iniiih..) sekaligus buat bermain-main menyusuri Bali utara. Yup, vacation is my best get-away for the tiring hard days I did before. Working hard playing hard lah pokoknya :)

Well, time for packiiing... Dan sepertinya juga, saya akan bawa banyak-banyak bekal nih. Oh tidaaak.. Membayangkan pakaian yang akan saya bawa selama 12 hari benar-benar bikin mual mendadak. Setelah pilah-pilih selama 3 jam-an (ebuseet lama betoll -_-) akhirnya pilihan saya adalah: 
1 pc soft jeans warna item, 
1 pc celana kain (warna item jg), 
1 pc blazer, 
3 pcs bussiness suit, 
1 pc batik, 
1 pc legging (buat nyelem),
3 pasang baju tidur, 
3 pcs pakaian kasual (baju berbahan sifon yg gampang dicuci & kaos lengan panjang),
bbrp pashmina, square veil, & underwear,
flat shoes (dipakai) & heels (buat acara), 
notes, usb, notebook, camera (ups lg diservis, sementara ngandalin bb *was-was), dan...
obat-obatan, plus peralatan mandi (+ handuk buat pas nginep t4 sodara), & make up.

Tadaa.. ternyata ga begitu banyak juga bekalnya. Baiklah, semuanya sudah masuk dalam satu travelbag. Tinggal taruh notebook & peralatan tulis lainnya ke messenger bag :) Saya melirik sekilas ke catatan itinerary yang sudah saya buat sebelumnya. Wohhoo, saya makin ga sabar buat mengejar dolphin di Lovina, menikmati sunset di Panimbangan, menikmati ikan bakar di Pemuteran, dan.. yeahh I cant help my self waiting for snorkling in Menjangan island. See yaa..


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