White Sandy of Bali Nusa Dua Beach

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Voila, the white sands of Nusadua private beach, Bali INDONESIA.
Escaping from the frenetic world outside, indulge in the well-being of mind and body, and relaxing over the white sands under the sun of the Nusadua beach, was such a magnificent weekdays I spent. Stayed over 9 (nine) nights in Nusadua Beach Hotel for doing some important official works, it has a fantastic beach with tranquil, warm, and glimmering sea water. Scattering not far from the foreshore, some white benches with blue coated fabrics lined up neatly. Just tried to lay over there and stared overawed to the tourists whose taking breath away. I and my friends were hasty toward the water, bursting exaggeratedly broke the calmness of the sea without waves. We swarmed around the sands, half-buried body, and built a sand palace. Whoosah...

Tadaa, and here I am.. ^^v
Nusadua Beach, BALI

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