Kintamani: taking a deep breath

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Batur Lake

Putting aside the city's hustle-bustle and relaxe taking a deep breath of fresh air, Kintamani is the sweet choice for letting the time goes and runs. Located in Bangli regency, Kintamani offers a greeny beautiful scenery with magnificent view of Batur volcano and the lake. Batur volcano it self has erupted about 24 times during early year 1800. Many damages happened along it eruption. It's seen from the lines of larvae are still seem obvious around the volcano. Meanwhile, the lake is the largest one in Bali.

Kintamani area is about 160 km2 wide with 15.000 people live around it. They work as farmer and fisherman. And because of the blooming of tourism sector in Kintamani, some of them turned the work into a seller, do a tatto service, rent villas or restaurant business. And starting from Rp. 70.000 - RP. 150.000 per person, you already enjoy the meal. Have an aromatic lunch :))

Batur Volcano

with my travelmate: rima & rista

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